Fleur Sexton DL

As CEO and co-founder of PET-Xi I am extremely proud to oversee the support and development of over 250,000 learners so far and have provided a helping hand to help change the lives of so many people nationwide. Since the inception of PET-Xi in 1995, we have successfully unlocked our learner’s potential and given them the platform to achieve their training goals and transition into work positions. The growth of the company has allowed us to work with a vast range of communities starting in Coventry and Warwickshire and working our way around the country to become a national business. 

During my time as CEO, our high-energy values have resulted in winning multiple awards over a 27-year period. We have taken on many different challenges over the years and always find pioneering solutions, which can be put down to the wonderful and passionate members of staff who continue to live and promote the values held by the company. 


PET-Xi Training - Graded as Good by Ofsted “Leaders are ambitious for their learners and apprentices and have a clear purpose and strategy to support those who have significant barriers to learning and employment, such as previously poor experiences of education. They have developed strong links with local business and regional agencies”

Ofsted Report 28 September to 1 October 2021

Fleur invests much of her time and 10% of company profits into these activities, to which both she and PET-Xi bring enthusiastic engagement and active hands-on participation. 

Deputy Lieutenant of the West Midlands and Honorary Doctor of Birmingham City University, as well as Board member of CW Champions, Chair of the EDL board for the Chamber of Commerce, on the business board of Birmingham City University, Women of The Year & Chair of the Coventry Music Trust 


She founded and runs the PET-Xi Foundation, which raises money to directly break barriers for individual young people nationwide, is an active member of The BCU Business School Advisory Board, Coventry City of Culture Development board and the Commonwealth 2022 Legacy & Benefits Committee

Fleur is a married mother of 3, tweets as @FleurSexton and can be found at fleursexton.com