Successful approaches to alternative provision

In Education Today’s second look at Alternative Provision this month, Fleur looks at some of the ways in which AP can be successfully implemented.
Between 2021/22 and 2022/23, councils across the country recorded a 61% rise in school exclusions, with overall exclusion figures rising by 50% compared to 2018/19. The latest statistic from Department for Education, show pupils with autism in England are nearly three times as likely to be suspended than their neurotypical peers.
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PET-Xi’s recent AP Roadshow travelled across the country working with schools in areas including Birmingham, Brent, Hull, Hounslow and Peterborough, improving the academic outcomes and life chances for learners whom the standard school classroom environment proves challenging.
PET-Xi’s AP provision provides learners with the suitable learning environment for them to engage and thrive, where they work with credible and engaging PET-Xi trained professionals. The learners have a challenging academic curriculum with core GCSE Subjects, Exam Preparation and Skills, Vocational Subjects, Careers, Enterprise and Life Skills with Measurable Outcomes.
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