PET-Xi Foundation supports Coventry students

The PET-Xi Foundation has made a profound impact on the lives of two Coventry students following a £700 donation.

The Foundation has donated the funds to two students at Lyng Hall School to help them progress and feel like they belong.

The school heard about the Foundation through its work with PET-Xi, which delivers intervention work to some of its students, and supported the two students, who are both in care so cannot be named, to apply for donations.

They were awarded a combined total of £700 to purchase riding equipment, a personal DVD player and a number of Lego kits and puzzles.

Christine Green, of Lyng Hall School, said: “The first part of the donation was given to one of our Year 9 girls who is living in a care home.

“She loves horse riding, but of course the equipment and clothes are very expensive. The grant paid for a £250 body protector as well as some riding clothes which have been specially embroidered with her name and the name of the stables.
“Previously she’s had to borrow a body protector, but the funding has given her the opportunity to have her own just like all the other girls and fit in at the place she loves the most.

“The second part of the donation was given to a Year 8 boy who is in foster care.

“His mum passed away just before he joined us in Year 7 and he struggled with his behaviour, but he’s so bright and one of the things he loves is building and creating things.

“The school paid for him to take part in an animation course and we saw his behaviour improve rapidly because he was successful and happy. It was after this that we thought he would benefit from some equipment to further develop his talents.

“Again, Lego is so expensive, so the grant has paid for a specialist kit which he can use to create things at home as well as some equipment which he can use in the school’s sensory room.

“The donation will continue to help his behaviour improve and also develop in an area he loves.

“The final funds were used to purchase a personal DVD player for the student. He missed out on a lot of things we would take for granted, like watching children’s films or a movie night with family, so this gives him the opportunity to experience some of that.

“We’d like to say a huge thank you to the PET-Xi Foundation. The donation has made a profound impact on the lives of the two students, providing them with something that will bring them joy every day.”

Bob Pinner, National Education Strategy Manager at PET-Xi, said: “We are very pleased to make this donation to the students at Lyng Hall School.

“I was delighted to meet one of the youngsters during a visit to the school. She is a very proud and enthusiastic young person who made it abundantly clear to me that she doesn’t believe in handouts, but is extremely grateful to the PET-Xi Foundation – and the smile on her face said it all!”


The Year 9 student said: “I am extremely grateful for the support I have received from PETXI and the equipment I now have. I been using my body armour a lot, the fleece is lovely and the polo T-shirt is also great. It has my favourite horse’s name on – Freddie – which is why I love it!”

The Year 8 student said: “I’d like to say thank you, thank you, thank you to PET-Xi. I’ve never had anything like this. Lego is the best, it will keep me so busy! I’m also really grateful for the DVD player which will also keep me occupied.”

About the Foundation

PET-Xi donates 10 per cent of all profits to charity and community projects every year, with donations now totalling more than £100,000. The PET-Xi Foundation currently awards grants of up to £3,000 to those in the community who are in need of support.

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