PET-Xi goes international

A Coventry-based national training provider which helps learners get the skills they need to get ahead has gone international.

Multi award-winning PET-Xi, which has been operating for 26 years, is now offering a wide range of courses to learners based outside of the UK through its new ‘PET-Xi International College’.

The International College can now be accessed through its new site,, which offers learners a variety of vocational courses such as in ICT, HR, accounting, and prep courses for the English IELTS exam.

The fully accredited courses range from Level 3 up to degree standard, and tend to cost much less than similar courses at traditional universities.

Fleur Sexton, managing director of PET-Xi, said: “The pandemic forced us to become more agile, which meant we created a virtual learning environment (VLE) so our customers could access quality teaching from their own home.

“After seeing how successful our VLE was for lots of learners during the pandemic, we realised that we didn’t have to limit ourselves to teaching people in the UK – we could offer our services to international learners too.”

PET-Xi’s new site has already seen international learners start to enrol on its courses.

The firm has invested into growing its team in Dubai in the UAE, with plans to expand its reach into Asia and potentially Europe as well.

It also sought advice from the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce as well as the Department for International Trade to help create their website and ensure all applicable laws were being followed.

Fleur added: “We are offering all sorts of courses at competitive prices that leaners can complete in their own time. They are ideal for people in work or those who want to save money on a university-level course.

“It’s been a testament to our staff, partners and the support from the Chamber of Commerce that we have been able to use our new remote systems and new courses created during the pandemic to grow the business and help even more learners to achieve their potential.”

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Pictured: Trainers at PET-Xi (picture taken before COVID-19 social distancing guidelines were in place)

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