Bell Green teenager who lost leg in car crash given £3k boost for new prosthetic limb

Telegraph story of brave Courtney King-Wilson inspires fundraising efforts of Coventry firm.

A girl from Coventry who lost a leg in a car accident has been given £3,000 for a new prosthetic limb.

Brave Courtney King-Wilson, who is 13 years old, was involved in a car accident on August 17 last year.

In a nightmarish series of events, the Cardinal Wiseman School pupil was trapped in the car on Dorchester Way for a horrifying ninety minutes.

When she was released, doctors at Coventry’s University Hospital found they were not able to save her leg.

When Courtney and her father Alvin spoke to the Telegraph earlier this year, their story touched readers’ hearts.

Fleur Sexton, managing director of PET-Xi – an educational training group in Coventry – still remembers reading about the Bell Green teenager.

Fleur said: “Courtney’s so brave. My colleagues and I read that story and I can still remember the moment when doctors told her she’d lost her leg.

“In the article, Courtney said, ‘I cried for about three minutes, and then said, ‘Can I get a new leg?’. I just got on with it.’ I will never forget that – it’s just inspirational.

“At that time, we were deciding in the office what to do with the money we had raised throughout the year through our foundation. We saw Courtney’s story and instantly thought, ‘Yes. She has got to have it.”

Courtney’s father has been fundraising incessantly since his daughter’s accident because Courtney needs a range of new prosthetic legs as she grows.

She wants a leg that will look natural and will allow her to wear jeans and skirts like her friends but prosthetic limbs are expensive.

Through a sponsored parachute jump, Alvin has managed to raise nearly £2,000, and he is planning to take on more challenges to help him collect the full £7,000 he needs.

Alvin said: “I’m afraid of flying, but the jump was amazing.

“I actually found I was less frightened jumping out of the plane than I was during take-off.

“I was so nervous beforehand, but it’s for my daughter, and I’d do anything for her. She’s an inspiration – the word ‘proud’ doesn’t even cover it.”

Courtney and her father have collected the cheque from the PET-Xi headquarters in Westwood Business Park.

Fleur said: “Courtney is a role model, there was never any doubt that we would try to help.”


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